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Our Friends

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fellowship, Fun and Food

It has certainly been a busy day! First, we got up early this morning to take a road trip. We traveled a great distance….less than a mile. We took a look at our propane gauge and decided that we would be needing to fill our propane tank in the next few weeks. I guess the cold weather emptied the tank a little faster than usual. With our son coming on Monday we didn’t want to move the motorhome while he was here visiting so we made the call to pull out today and refill the tank. Since we had only paid for one month in our current spot (remember we were “squatting” in a lot owners backyard) we also decided to just return to the campground for the remainder of our time at the Plantation. We enjoyed our spot in the yard of Jerry and Linda Christie but being in the campground gets you a little more involved with folks. So we are now in site 17. We have a beautiful tree right outside our window and great satellite reception and good neighbors. All is good.

We had earlier invited Norm and Linda Payne and Don and Gloria Martin to come over this afternoon for some wine and cheese.

We have become very close with these two great couples and you never sit and talk with them that you don’t come away inspired and little more knowledgeable. Last night I found out that Doug and Joann Durbrouillet ( dream) would be able to make a detour and stop by Rainbow Plantation for a brief visit. They would be arriving around noon. Sure enough we had settled into our new spot and were sitting talking when we saw a Montana drive by. I told Mike that it was probably Doug and Joann along with their traveling companion Fillmore and sure enough it was. We walked down to give them a hug and welcome them to the Plantation along with an invitation to come down to meet the Paynes and Martins at 3:00.
As I have said before, whenever you get full-timers together there is always conversation about their travels and experiences and with all the travel experiences in our motorhome this afternoon it was amazing. The stories were endless… fact we ran out of time before we ran out of stories. Now if you are a smart “newbie” you keep you mouth shut and your ears open and that is just what Mike and I did. The one lesson we learned from these wonderful folks is that there is a lot of amazing places to see and experience in this great country. Thanks guys for your inspiration!!

After our awesome visit this afternoon the fellowship just continued. We took Doug and Joann and met up with Glenn and Sylvia Avery at Big Daddy’s Grill. This is a local favorite if you want some great seafood dishes. We ate great food and continued good conversation with each other. Glenn and Sylvia were kind enough to invite us all over to their motorhome after dinner for some delicious apple pie. We talked a little longer and then decided to call it a night. Doug and Joann had a long day and we were tired from our extended travel day. Tomorrow, before Doug and Joann leave, I have a date with a very good looking standard poodle named Fillmore for celebrity picture taking!!

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