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Friday, January 8, 2010

Incredible Education

Last evening Gene and Judi Curp hosted a wonderful “chat and chew” at their beautiful fifth wheel. Gene and Judi had also invited Norm and Linda Payne as well as Don and Gloria Martin. Gloria is Norm’s sister and through the years they have traveled many miles together. It was such an enjoyable evening listening to these two fine couples telling stories of their travels. Coupled with that were the wonderful experiences Gene and Judi have had in their travels, hiking and backpacking. There was a wealth of stories to tell and adventures to share. Being that we just started full-timing in August Mike and I were the babies in the group.

If I ever had a doubt about why we chose this lifestyle it was erased last night. Listening to the experiences these folks have enjoyed during their 10 years of full-timing was overwhelming. What an education!! They have touched this country and experienced aspects of it that are never written in a textbook. They have enjoyed the cultures that make up this unique country we call home. They have seen incredible sunsets and sunrises and experienced the people. They watched bear in their native habitat and experienced the majestic mountains out west. They especially loved the Newfoundland and Nova Scotia areas. They experienced the mighty Mississippi River along the Great River Road and so much more.

Then there is Gene and Judi! These two have a vast array of experiences including travel and camping in a tent, pop-up and now their lovely Everest fifth wheel. Their passion is hiking and backpacking. They introduced us to Volksmarching. We were even going to go on one together in Pensacola but the weather has had other ideas. Not to worry, we have already gone on line and read about this activity and Mike and I plan to include this in our full-time adventure. They are an incredible couple that we are glad we have become friends with. As so many others have already said……you meet the nicest people full-timing.

This is an incredible lifestyle! I am a retired educator but after last night I realized that my (our) education is about to begin.

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  1. sounds like a great evening..wish we could have been there or at least a 'fly on the wall'..


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