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Sunday, January 3, 2010

What a Great Day

After a couple of months in the Pine Mountain area visiting with our son for the holidays, we arrived at Rainbow Plantation in Summerdale, Alabama Saturday afternoon. By the time we got set up, it was dark out so we went to the Waffle House and had an old fashioned supper.
We are squatting on Jerry & Linda Christie’s lot with full hook-ups. A lot of folks here who own property have full hook-ups on their land. Since we plan to be here for almost 2 months, this enables us to not have to move. In the Escapee’s campground, the rule is first in and first out when things get crowded.
Upon our return from dinner, Gerri and I had an invitation to meet a couple we had met over the internet following each other’s trip journal. We were invited over for coffee / muffins for mid morning. Gene and Judi Curp are such a wonderful couple and they are from my hometown area.

We spent a great deal of the morning and even into the early afternoon doing what full timers do—sharing each other’s stories and history. We thoroughly enjoyed our time visiting and getting to know the Curp’s. We hope to get together later in the week and do some things together. They have a beautiful cat that claimed them as his owners while they were in Gettysburg.

You can read about them and see some of their story on the blog
Later on in the afternoon, we were invited over to meet Glen and Sylvia Avery. We also got to know them on the internet and it was good to meet them in person.

We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting and sharing with each other. We met their two precious dog companions, they stole our hearts.

Sylvia and Glen shared some of the places they had been and visited and gave us ideas for future travels. It was a delightful evening and we send Sylvia our best wishes Monday morning when she sees the doctor for a severe back/hip problem. You can read about them on their blog
Man, we really love this fulltime lifestyle… where can you go to be able to just drop over and visit in such a casual and warm environment and really get to know folks? How blessed Gerri & I are for the ability to open our hearts to other folks and listen and share with them from the heart. Gee, maybe this is what God had in mind for the human race all along.
What a great day!


  1. Hope you enjoy your stay in your new location. Looking forward to reading about your life there. Have fun!

  2. glad you made it safely to Alabama..saw your first picture on today's post and I recognized Judy and Gene immediately..and Peanut!! great you got to meet them..we missed them in Oregon by a few days this past summer..the wonders of the internet..lots of chances to make new friends and some new blogs to follow!!
    enjoy your stay!!!

  3. Great post! I think what we hoped for in this lifestyle is just what you wrote about---being able to meet people and engage with them often. Sounds like you guys are doing that and we love reading about it!


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