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Monday, January 18, 2010

Souper Sunday

I know its football season, but souper Sunday at Rainbow Plantation is not about football. This month everybody that wanted to volunteer to make soup and serve it Sunday did so for our dinner. There were 21 varieties of soup for supper. We paid our donation and then went to the soup tables and chose the soups we wanted to eat; I think I had 5 different types of soup. Our parents told us all about it, but this was our first time to stand in the soup line.

After our dinner we then had our ice cream social followed by an evening of different music and singing. We listened to several groups play and sing bluegrass and country music. There were about 150 people there and every one of us had a grand time. We were amazed at multitude of talent of those at the plantation. After the groups finished, we listened to about 15 people play dulcimer music. This was our first time to listen to that many people play dulcimers together. Gerri & I saw folks just have a plain downright good time. There were some ladies that stood back in the back and line danced to some of the music… just a great evening of fun and fellowship. It was our joy to listen, watch and be a part of such a wonderful evening.

I know the football super bowl is coming later in the month, and on a Sunday, but for us last night was the best souper Sunday we have been blessed to experience.

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  1. It does, indeed, look like a super-day for all of you at your RV park. Nice photos of everyone having so much fun.


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