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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chapter Meeting

Mike and I have been members of Escapees since 2006. This is a wonderful club established by Joe and Kay Peterson in 1978. Kay threw out the idea of establishing a club for RVers in one of her columns that she wrote for Woodall’s Trailer Travel magazine. She simply asked if anybody would be interested in a club to support and educate Rvers. The rest is history. S stands for support, K stands for knowledge and P stands for parking. When you join you are given an SKP number and when you say SKP rather quickly it sounds like escapee. Members refer to themselves as SKIPS. There is an incredible support system in the Escapees club. If you have not joined this group you should give it serious thought. Go to to see all the benefits of membership.
Throughout the country there are numerous “chapters” formed of Rvers that are members of Escapees. One such chapter is Gulf Posse Chapter 26. This group was chartered on January 20, 1989 and currently has approximately 140 active members. They hold a luncheon meeting each month at the Gulf Shores Original Oyster House. Mike and I were invited to attend this meeting on Monday. The meeting begins at 10:30 and is followed by some of the most wonderful seafood you would imagine. Chapters are a great way to get to know other Escapees and form the lasting friendships that this lifestyle is so noted for. So today Mike and I joined the Gulf Posse Chapter 26 and we look forward to getting to know the good folks in this group. We look forward to being able to attend their spring and fall rallies. I can’t imagine this group getting together and not having tons of fun. I just continue to be amazed at how friendly and helpful the Escapees are that we have met while camping at Rainbow Plantation.

After we ate lunch and the meeting was over, we drove to the coast and then to Bon Secour Wildlife National Refuge to hike one of their trails. We walked a little over a mile on the trail there, but with the cold air and time of year we did not see a lot of birds.
It was a good hike and Gerri & I enjoyed it very much. It was a good day.

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