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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bluebird Visitors and Vallartas

For the last few days, since the weather returned to normal, we have had several bluebirds hanging around our motorhome. It’s so funny, for the last five years in our sticks and bricks I tried everything I know to get the bluebirds to visit our backyard. We have been avid supporters of the National Wildlife Federation. We even had our backyard certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. I am proud to say we were able to attract many of the local birds to our area but not the bluebird. It seems we were too close to the city area and our yard was heavily wooded. Two factors that bluebirds are not keen on. The bluebird continued to be allusive until a few days ago.

The first time I became aware of our new neighbors I was in the bedroom and I kept hearing a tapping on the window. I became curious so I put up the shade and there he was looking at himself in the reflection off the window. It was at this time I noticed he was not alone…..there were several beautiful Eastern Bluebirds happily playing on the ground and anything they could perch on. Mike and I continued to watch and noticed that they even liked sitting on the Jeep. The cutest part was how he would look at himself in the front window and even peck at the window while his female friend sat nearby. We got out our cameras and managed to get a few good shots of the bluebird visitors.

Wednesday evening Mike and I joined several other Rainbow Plantation friends at Vallartas Mexican Restaurant. This is a popular Mexican restaurant and on Wednesday evening they have a live Moroccan band along with the usual Wednesday night margarita bargains. I ordered the taco salad and Mike didn’t get what he ordered but he did get a very yummy soft chicken taco dinner. The food was good, the entertainment was fun and the fellowship outstanding. Great evening!!

Thursday afternoon Mike and I decided to visit Glenn and Sylvia Avery. We visited with them when we first arrived here. Sylvia has been having a terrible time with her back and hip and has been undergoing therapy for about three weeks. She continues to be in a lot of pain. I made some No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies to take over for them to enjoy. We really enjoyed visiting with Glenn and Sylvia; they are a terrific couple and we’re glad we have gotten to know them since arriving at the Plantation. We certainly hope Sylvia is able to get relief for the pain that she is experiencing.

After leaving their motorhome we helped serve dinner at the clubhouse and then joined table 3 for a wonderful evening of great conversation and dinner. We sat next to Delbert and Shirley Ashby who are also full-timers traveling in a Dutch Star just like ours only a different color. We swapped stories of how we pack and store items in our coaches. It is always fun to talk to other full-timers and learn from them.

Tomorrow morning Mike is suppose to learn how to line dance. We’ll see….. just to be sure I will be there with the camera to capture this event on film or actually memory stick in today’s world. We’ll see what happens…..should be interesting.

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  1. Wow the pictures are just fantastic!!! I just love the birds and wildlife in the area we visit but I have never seen a bluebird. Great!!! Sounds like you're still having fun and I am so envious of all the Mexican food you’re eating... My favorite!!! Have fun & travel safe!


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