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Friday, February 26, 2010

New Friends

Today was a maintenance type of day. About a week ago our bathroom fan stopped working. Mike has had it on his “to do” list and finally got around to looking into the problem today. He first checked to make sure it wasn’t a blown fuse. It seems so much of an RV is run on fuses. It wasn’t the fuse. He then went up on the roof and checked things out from that angle. He wanted to make sure it wasn’t something simple like a loose wire. It wasn’t. The next possibility is the little motor that runs the fan died. We were heading for Camping World when we decided to check with those of a higher calling…..experience. That brought us to Don Martin’s motorhome and his excellent advice. What a nice man! He came back to our motorhome with Mike to look things over and test the “juice” of the wires coming into the fan motor. The “juice“ was coming in fine! Now we knew the problem and it was what we thought….. we need a new motor for our fan. So after taking Don back to his rig off we went to Camping World. Well, as luck would have it, they were out so we had to have one shipped to us via another Camping World location. It should arrive around Tuesday and thanks to Don, Mike knows just what to do when it arrives. Thanks Don!!

This evening twelve of us met at Big Daddy’s Grill to eat terrific food and enjoy great fellowship. Jesse and Ginger Haman were passing through RP on their way to Maryland and some of the group wanted to reconnect with them and some of us wanted to meet them. Mike and I have been reading their blog ( since they started full-timing about a year and half ago. Darrell and Judy worked with them last year at Lake George Resort and Glenn and Sylvia had met them in Kerrville Texas last year. So Randy and Terry Guiler, Mike and Peggy Evringham and Mike and I met Jesse and Ginger tonight for the first time. You would never guess that we had just met because we all sat there and talked and laughed as if we had known each other for many years. It is just that way with RV friends.

Tomorrow is our last day at Rainbow Plantation for this season. We will be heading back to Pine Mountain, Georgia for a few weeks to take care of some doctor appointments and spend some time with Stephen before moving on to our volunteer position. It takes awhile to get doctor appointments scheduled for times when you are in a certain location. We have been working toward getting these appointments scheduled for the time when we are home for the holidays - November/December. That didn’t quite work out this year but we are hopeful that next year we will have it right. We will work on giving our “so long” hugs tomorrow and taking one last drive to the ocean and then prepare the rig to pull out Sunday morning.

Even though it has been a cold winter, Mike and I have been warmed by the love and friendship at Rainbow Plantation.

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  1. I'm so glad you've had such great fun at Rainbow Plantation and meeting new friends. Your posts about this have been great. We're off to our "hometown" to do the same appointments. Then we'll be on the road again.

    Take care, travel safe.


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