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Monday, February 15, 2010

Another Day in Paradise

Well it happened again…..another great day! It started out with Mike and I visiting another church in the area. Today we attended services at Summerdale Church of Christ. We had spotted this church when we first arrived and had wanted to visit. It was a good service centered around the topic of “love.” What else on Valentines Day? After this we went back to the motorhome and before we could prepare our lunch Randy and Terry Guiler called and invited us to join them for lunch at where else….Big Daddy’s Grill. As usual the food was terrific. I decided to be a good girl today and order something besides fried shrimp. Yea me!! In fact Mike and I both ordered the Big Daddy hamburger with sides. Even though Big Daddy’s is known for its seafood I must say the burger was superb!

Norm Payne along with Don Martin came down to our motorhome this afternoon around 1:00. Norm has owned Newmar motorhomes since 1999 and currently owns a Dutch Star. He volunteered several weeks ago to come down and go over our motorhome with Mike and show him various system, how to service different things and tips we don‘t have the experience yet to know about. You can see I am not very technical!!! There is so much about these diesel machines to learn and there aren’t any better teachers/mentors than Norm and Don. Even though Don owns a Winnebago it has many of the same systems as our Dutch Star so his input was also invaluable. These two super friends stayed and talked with Mike for over two hours. We just can’t say it enough…..there is nothing better than RV friends. Thanks so much guys!!

This evening we went to the clubhouse for our next round of Mardi Gras activities which included the usual ice cream social at 6:00. The king and queen entered the building and took their seats of honor just in time for the line dancers to perform.

Mike and I went a couple of times to practice with these guys and I can tell you that it takes a lot of energy and foot talent to dance some of the line dances. These guys are good and really enjoy dancing. After this was karaoke time.

It never ceases to amaze me at the talent of RVers. Our friend Terry Guiler sang two songs and what a wonderful singer she is. …..a great voice!!

I have always wished I could just open my mouth and beautiful music would come out. Not the case I can assure you. We sat with our friends Darrell and Judy, Mike and Peggy, Glenn and Sylvia, and Randy and Terry. We never get together without tons of laughter and lots of fun. What a great night of fun, laughter and fellowship. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

Tomorrow is the Mardi Gras parade here at Rainbow Plantation. This is an energetic and hilarious group of people that just love to have fun and with the theme of “Fractured Science Fiction” it should prove to be a most interesting parade!

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