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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Color Purple

“What happens at the Plantation stays at the Plantation.” This is what Neil, one of the long time homeowners at the Plantation, told Mike and I today while attending Ray’s birthday party. To say Ray is an icon here at the Plantation is an understatement. Ray, who everyone fondly refers to as Purple, celebrated his 78th birthday today. Well, actually Ray has been celebrating since Wednesday when we all gathered to eat at Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant. At first appearance you might think Ray to be a bit gruff and at times he probably is, but since somewhere around 1992, he has been making friendships here at the Plantation. Today, those friends came out to wish him a wonderful birthday complete with purple iced birthday cake. I could tell you the stories his friends told today but as I said earlier, what happens at the Plantation stays at the Plantation. I have even heard several versions of how he came to be called Purple. I think it had something to do with not liking the color purple and being a royal pain in the you know what. However it came to be….. it has stuck and Ray only wears the color purple. Yep, you will never catch him wearing any other color. So if you are ever at Rainbow Plantation and see a short man with white hair and gray whiskers wearing purple you know you have seen Ray.
With all the Mardi Gras activities at the Plantation and opportunities to eat we have been lax in the entertainment department. We finally had the opportunity to have Darrell and Judy along with Mike and Peggy over for a chat and chew this evening. We have really enjoyed getting to know both of these terrific couples and have had a lot of fun times together and tonight was no different. We sat and talked for several hours taking time out to eat a little along the way. Mike E has been very helpful with his expertise in helping us set up our cradlepoint router and then today he gave us some help with our handheld GPS. Thanks Mike!

Well the “that’s more like it” weather is not going to last very long. It appears that the weather is going to be turning back into its ugly cold self again later in the week. Oh well, eventually it will be spring. It is what it is…..its all good.

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