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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tolstoy Park

This was an “us” day. Yep, we have been so busy with Mardi Gras activities that we haven’t had an “us” day. We took our time getting up this morning and after my usual cup of hot tea and bowl of cereal I went on the computer. I was just serving around for area attractions and by chance I came upon this very interesting link about Tolstoy Park.
Upon further reading I discovered that it was a place worth exploring. The story goes like this -
local author Sonny Brewer tells the true story of 62 year old Henry Stuart who was living in Idaho when was told that he was dying and had about a year to live. It was recommended to him to move to a warmer climate so that the “end” wouldn’t be so painful. This is when he made his journey to the quaint city of Fairhope. It is said that he “left his shoes out west, and lived barefooted in a round concrete house made by himself with his own two hands.” He lived beyond the predicted one year, he lived twenty-two years in his handmade round house and yes, he was barefooted. Clarence Darrow, who was his friend, visited him many times in Fairhope. Henry named his house after his favorite writer Tolstoy. Henry was a poet, writer, a gardener and above all self-sufficient. A man after Thoreau’s own heart. Sonny Brewer tells Henry’s story in his book, The Poet of Tolstoy Park.
Mike and I took a drive to the area in Fairhope that Henry Stuart called Tolstoy Park. It was a little difficult to locate since there have been many buildings erected around it. I was glad to see the little hut was left untouched by progress. There it sat beneath a huge live oak tree. A little round hut built by the hands of Henry Stuart. We walked inside and imagined what it must have been like to live such a simple life. I can only imagine that he was happy and content with his life and had learned to life well. It was here in this hut that Sonny Brewer lived while writing this amazing story of Henry Stuart. It was nice to see this reminder that life can be lived simply and beautifully. After leaving we immediately went into town to a local bookstore and purchased the book. I can’t wait to read it.
This evening we joined about 21 Rainbow Plantation friends for dinner at Vallarta’s Mexican Restaurant. I can’t describe the fun these folks have together and we are just so glad they have opened their arms to Mike and I and allowed us to have a little fun with them. Tonight was Ray’s birthday celebration so he got the usual “happy birthday” sung to him Mexican style complete with a little whipped cream on his beard. The food was great but the fellowship and fun was even better.

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  1. The simple life is one we aspire to have while fulltiming. So far it seems to be working. :)


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