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Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Slow and Easy Day

The rains came in with vengeance last night and brought with it some nice wild winds. Around 7:00 Friday morning everything had pretty much passed through this area. We got up slowly knowing that today was going to be a slow easy kind of day. We talked and enjoyed the morning. Around 11:30 we decided to head for our last big eat out of Stephen’s vacation. We promised him a good fish dinner and knew that Big Daddy’s Grill would not let us down. Oh my, I can’t believe I ate all that food. I told Stephen he would not leave hungry but I’m not sure he believed me but I was right….he even left some food on his plate.

We will definitely be back to eating more healthy and walking our two miles a day once Stephen leaves. It will take awhile to walk off all pounds we’ve put on!
After leaving Big Daddy’s Grill we drove to Office Depot to purchase some CD-Rs in order to make Stephen a copy of all the pictures we took while he was here. We also wanted to go by Verizon so Stephen could show us a few phones we could upgrade to that would enable us to use VZNavigator. We have been wanting to purchase a GPS but Mike didn’t like the idea of the yearly maps update and with the Verizon version we don’t need to do that….it updates automatically. The new VZNavigator does everything the GPS does including voice directions. The screens on the phones he recommended to us are about the same size of the GPS. He used his while visiting this week and we were very impressed. We can upgrade our phones in June so we may give this serious consideration.

This afternoon we all attended the 4:00 social at the clubhouse. We have been wanting to introduce Stephen to a few of our friends but we have been so busy there just hasn’t been time. It felt good to be back! It’s amazing just how quickly you begin to feel at home here.
Before calling it a night we decided to take a walk around Rainbow Plantation. It was a perfect evening, not too cool, lots of stars and complete with a symphony of crickets. We just didn’t want to give up the evening so we walked a little longer than we originally planned.
Stephen is leaving in the morning for his drive back to LaGrange. It has been a wonderful week, a busy week and a memorable week. It seems like it flew by but that’s the way most vacations go isn’t it? Thanks, Stephen, for spending your vacation time with us here in the Gulf!!

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  1. The best vacations are those spent with your kids and/or grandkids. So glad you had fun with your son.


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