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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

This and That

Just when you think the weather just might get a little better you hear the news that there might be a chance of snow! Yes, you heard right…..S N O W…. in this area of the country???? Call me a skeptic but I’ll believe it when I see it. However, this has been a winter for the record books.

One thing that has been “different” for me in this full-time lifestyle is finding a place to get my hair cut. I am certainly not vain but at the same time I don’t want to walk around looking strange for several weeks while a bad haircut grows out. The operable word is “grows out.” A bad haircut will and does grow out. When we were in Texas I took the recommendation of the wildlife refuge manager and had her hairdresser cut my hair. It went well and I was very happy. During the holidays I got the pleasure of having my hairdresser in Pine Mountain cut my hair, all went well. Now, here I am in Summerdale and I need a haircut. I asked Judy Patterson for a recommendation and she gave me the name of the lady that cuts her hair. I called and made an appointment to get my hair cut today. Once again, all went well and I am happy. I am sure a bad haircut might happen one day but so far everything in the haircut department has gone well since going full-time.

For several years prior to my Dad’s passing away he suffered with a condition common to many people….macular degeneration. His eyesight was getting worse as he got older and the last few years of his life he relied on a machine to help him read the Bible, newspaper (especially the sports page) and letters/cards from my brother, Larry, and his wife. This machine was called a Low Vision machine. Since his death I had not known what to do with this machine until arriving at Rainbow Plantation. So today on behave of Mike and I as well as Larry and Pamela we donated the machine to the clubhouse here at the Plantation.
There are many people here that can benefit from this machine either for reading, which is how Dad used it, or for simply enlarging things they might be working on such as beading, woodworking and such. Mike demonstrated how the machine worked today at the 4:00 social hour.
I think the following comment sums up how it was received, “you just made an investment in heaven with this machine.” Yes, I agree and I am sure my Dad smiled when this fine gentleman made that statement.

This evening we joined about 22 people at Mellow Mushroom for pizza. We all sat together and just enjoyed talking, laughing and eating….after all it’s what we do!! The pizza was delicious and we had a great time. Mike and I feel like we have this huge extended “family” among the friends we have made here at Rainbow Plantation. They are all such special folks.

We will see what tomorrow brings, hopefully NOT snow.


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  2. What a wonderful donation to your park... I am sure there are many people who will benifit from it. Have a wonderful day & travel safe!

  3. What a wonderful contribution you made in honor and memory of your Dad. So many people will benefit from your generosity.


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