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Monday, February 1, 2010

New Friends and Stephen

Last night Don and Gloria Martin invited us over to their motorhome for a snack meal. We were joined by Norm and Linda Payne and Darrell and Judy Patterson. We have read Darrell and Judy’s website,, and corresponded for several years but we had never met. As I have said before, it is so much fun to finally get to meet the folks that you followed for so long. Darrell and Judy were absolutely wonderful….just as we expected they would be. We certainly hope we will get to know them even better during the remainder of our time at Rainbow Plantation. Gloria and Don did a wonderful job with the food and hospitality. Mike and I have really enjoyed getting to know this fine couple. We plan to meet up with them again later in the year when we attend the Escapades in Indiana. Norm and Linda have been wonderful in making us feel so welcome at the Plantation. There is nothing better than to sit and listen to Norm and Linda tell their travel stories. Norm has written about many of their travel tales in his website,, but nothing beats having those stories related in person. Many of those tales include travels they have had with Don and Gloria. Super evening!! Thanks Don and Gloria.

Great hospitality didn’t stop there. Terry and Randy Guiler invited us to attend church with them today. They came by our motorhome around 9:30 so we could follow them to a church they have been visiting in Silverhill, a little community near the Plantation. We so enjoyed the message and singing this morning. The message centered around Luke 22:31-38. They were having a pot luck dinner after the services but we decided to just come on back to the motorhome for our grilled chicken and vegetables.

We are also very excited today because Stephen is taking a short vacation and is coming down to spend the week with us. We look forward to showing him around the area. We have waited for him to join us so we are also excited about getting to see some things we have not seen before. Did I mention special places to eat also?? Yes, we plan to hit a few of those too. So check back to see what we discover while Stephen is here. Life is good!!

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