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Friday, February 5, 2010

National Naval Aviation Museum

Our friends Gene and Judi Curp told us all about the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola and I must say it was everything they said it would be. The museum is located inside Pensacola Naval Air Station. Yes, you to pass by the base security to go in this area. I guess we looked harmless because after Mike showed his driver’s license we were allowed to enter. It is a short drive from the base entrance to the museum where we parked the Jeep and went inside. Just as we entered we heard that the next IMAX movie would be “Fighter Pilots…Operation Red Flag. Stephen got excited about that so we decided to purchase tickets and take in this movie. It was awesome!!! I never realized what all fighter pilots go through during their training. The base for Red Flag training takes place in Nevada near Las Vegas. It is twelve intense missions that provides tougher conditions and more stress than actual battle. You walk away with a newer appreciation for the dedication these men and women have made for our country.

After the IMAX movie we went out into the museum. This is a huge area housing hundreds of planes along with tributes to the Navy as well as individuals. It is divided into two levels which have planes sitting on the floor as well as hanging from the rafters. The areas are divided into different wars that have been fought. The atrium area displayed jets from the Blue Angels. The museum is free admission as well as the guided walking tours and the trolly tour showing the planes in the outside restoration area. We arrived too late to take the trolly. That will have to be another visit. The IMAX movies have a charge of $8.00 with discount for senior citizens, students and military. We spent a great deal of our afternoon there but could have literally spent the entire day. There is that much to see and take in. We highly recommend the National Naval Aviation Museum!!

I needed to get my glasses adjusted so we used Stephen’s VZNavigator on his phone to find Cordova. Mall where there was a Lens Crafters. This is a huge mall with many stores to walk through and enjoy but I mainly wanted to visit Lens Crafters. I got my glasses adjusted and we walked to the food court for a coke and to rest our feet. By the time we arrived back at Rainbow Plantation the rains were falling hard and the winds were blowing. Glad we made it back before the rough stuff began. We were so tired we all fell asleep quickly listening to the sounds of the rain on the roof. It was another very nice day!!!

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  1. Good Morning Friends... We have been to Pensacola many times and I just love it there... The Air Museum is one of our favorite spots to tour and not to mention the beaches. Have a beautiful day and travel safe!


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