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Monday, February 22, 2010

Flatulence Fest

Yes, you read that correctly. Tonight was the “Flatulence Fest” at the clubhouse. What is a flatulence fest you might ask….well, those that choose to, can bring their favorite bean dish to the clubhouse and for a mere $3.00 you can fill your bowl to your hearts content.

Those partaking of this fest could begin filling their bowls at 5:00 and immediately following this event was the weekly ice cream social. Remember, I told you these SKPs know how to eat and eat they do. After all the many opportunities to eat….. there was music. It always amazes me at the talent these “keenagers” possess. We had several show their talent with musical instruments and several by singing. As usual the dulcimers played beautifully.

I especially enjoyed the bluegrass music by Glenda and Larry and a visiting banjo picker from Livingston, Texas.

Several times during the music couples would take the floor and dance with their husbands. As always, lots of fun.

This was our last Sunday night gathering here at Rainbow Plantation for this winter. These wonderful people have taught me a few important lessons. They taught me to always stay young. I know we have no control over our age and the years will continue to be added on but those numbers don’t mean a thing. Stay young in spirit. Live each day to the fullest. Laugh often and hug a lot. Don’t take yourself too seriously and love each other. Stay busy and gather to eat often with each other. There is a spirit here that words can’t describe. These good people honestly care about each other. How refreshing in a world that seems to be in such a hurry that we sometimes don’t even know our neighbors.

We will be moving on to new adventures soon but this adventure will never be forgotten.

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