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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Stephen Arrives

Sunday continued to be a busy day. We attended the ice cream social at the club house in the evening. We really enjoy the activities and fellowship provided at the club house here at Rainbow Plantation. Every Sunday evening at 6:00 we have an ice cream social. It is a wonderful time to sit and get to know each other. Last night was no different. We sat and talked with Randy and Terry as well as Darrell and Judy. We continued to talk and talk until we realized that almost everybody had left the building. Randy and Terry decided they were ready to head home and call it a night. Darrell and Judy were kind enough to invite us over to their beautiful fifth wheel so we could continue to talk and be more comfortable. Darrell built us a really nice fire in the fireplace (don’t panic, its electric) and we just had a great time chatting. We also got to meet their two very beautiful travel companions…..Katie and Alex. These two cats are just gorgeous!!! We had a wonderful evening and feel as though we have known Darrell and Judy for a long time. Our “friends list” just keeps growing and it is made up of the nicest people you would ever want to meet.

Around midnight Stephen arrived. Well actually we met him in Robertsdale and he followed us back to the Plantation.. We sat up for a while just talking and catching up with each other. Stephen brought his little dog, Josh, with him. Josh is an Imperial Shih Tzu and weighs in at about 5 pounds. He is all attitude!! Stephen also said he is NOT a good traveler. Doesn’t seem like Josh has full-timing in his blood.

After a good nights sleep we set off to show Stephen around the Gulf Shores area. It turned out to be a pretty nice day. Partly sunny but with a bit of a chill in the air. We made our first stop at Lamberts…Home of the Throwed Rolls.
We had heard so much about this place we wanted to be sure it was on our list of places to experience. Well, they actually do throw the rolls. They are large, almost the size of a baseball, and extremely delicious.. The food itself is actually pretty good but the uniqueness is the roll throwing.
They also do something called “pass arounds.” Different servers will come around with side items such as okra, macaroni and tomato, potatoes and onions, black eyed peas, and cabbage. So as you eat the food you ordered they bring the “pass arounds” around. Your plate begins to pile up along with the pounds. You certainly don’t go away hungry and if you play your cards right you can go away with a take out for dinner tomorrow also.

After eating all that food we decided we needed to walk a bit. Stephen wanted to walk around the Tanger Outlet Mall which is a huge outdoor type mall with many, many name brand stores. He was able to find a nice pair of Tommy Bahama shoes that he can wear with shorts and things. From there we went down to the beach. We walked a short way on the beach but it was very windy and chilly. We found a few nice shells to add to our collection and then made our way back to the Jeep. We decided to walk the Gulf Shores State Park pier. Mike and I had visited the pier earlier but wanted to wait for Stephen to go all the way out. You have to pay $2.00 per person. It was worth it, the pier is nice, clean and well constructed. The view is breathtaking but today it was windy and cold but we did enjoy it! We had a great day enjoying the Gulf and being together!

Tomorrow we plan to explore Fort Morgan, ride the ferry and see what is in Dauphin Island and who knows what else.


  1. What an experience at Lamberts. We go everytime we're in the area in MO. Great post!


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