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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Roadkill Cafe'

Larry Cameron, the cook, has been busy preparing food for us during the Mardi Gras celebrations here at the Plantation. Yes, Larry and his volunteers prepared some awesome dishes and he is much appreciated by everyone! Not only can he prepare great food he is a wonderful person. He and his wife, Babs, are both special people. But it didn’t take long for us to realize that there would be no more wonderful dishes to enjoy at the clubhouse for the remainder of the week. What’s a person to do?? Well, Darrell had a great idea!! We would all gather at Road Kill Café and see what has been run over and drug in for lunch. This is one place that Mike and I have not had the pleasure of experiencing. We were going to take Stephen there when he visited but with all the University of Alabama banners in the window we decided it was best to pass that opportunity up. Stephen is more of an Auburn fan and a huge fan of Georgia Tech. So when we realized it was Road Kill or cook off we went.

Darrell and Judy picked up Mike and I along with Mike and Peggy and we all rode together meeting up with Norm and Linda Payne, Don and Gloria Martin and yes, Chef Larry. We weren’t sure if Glenn and Sylvia would be able to make it but it seems the idea of cooking was not big on Sylvia’s list of things she wanted to do either. There we all were converging upon The Road Kill Café which was already packed with other folks that obviously didn’t want to cook either. Unfortunately we couldn’t all sit together so we split up into smaller groups. They have a buffet style service including two meats, several vegetable choices and salad. When you are sufficiently stuffed with this good southern cooking you can continue the eating with their dessert choices. The fun begins when you go to pay and you get to draw a chip out of a bag and if your chip is red your lunch is free. Guess who didn’t get the red chip?? Yep, that’s why we refrain from playing the lottery. It was great food and lots of fun.

After leaving the restaurant we decided to check out the Baldwin County Heritage Museum located in Elberta, Alabama which is just east of Foley. This museum shows items from everyday life of the people that founded this county. It shows a hard working culture and items from a time long past. The area was complete with a little red schoolhouse, a church and blacksmith’s shop among other buildings. We had a nice afternoon just walking through history.

The highlight of the afternoon was watching Darrell, Mike and Mike trying to get the backseat fastened back into place of the van Darrell and Judy borrowed while their truck is in for repair. First, it was Mike J and Darrell trying hard with no luck and then Mike E joined and saved the day. Yea, Mike E!!!! As usual this was another great day!!

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