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Saturday, February 6, 2010

The End of a Great Week

All good things must come to an end or at least that is the way it is with vacations. Unfortunately they do come to an end but oh the memories they leave behind. Now for Mike and I the vacation never ends but for Stephen it did so this morning. He followed us down to the Loves Truck Stop on highway 59 which flows into I-65. We stopped with him at the Arby’s there for a quick bite before he headed toward LaGrange. We ate, he filled up his car with gas and we hugged “so long.” I can’t say it enough……we had a really wonderful time exploring the Gulf area together and eating until we couldn’t eat another bite! We enjoy each other a great deal and with Stephen’s great sense of humor he is so much fun to be around. He is not only our son he is our best friend.

We stopped on the way back to get the oil and filter changed in the Jeep. As we were doing the maintenance thing on the Jeep Judy Patterson called. We had originally planned to go with Darrell and Judy and their friends from Maine to the Mardi Gras parade in Fairhope this evening. But as luck would have it, it is freezing cold outside and with the wind doing its thing it feels colder than the temps read. She was calling to let me know that they were wimping out on the parade and had decided to have dinner together instead. So instead of sitting in the freezing cold and getting beads and moon pies thrown at us we are going to be sitting in a warm motorhome eating and enjoying the company of friends. Sounds like an excellent trade off to me. Besides, Mike and I will get to meet two new friends tonight, Mike & Peggy. They are long times friends of Darrell and Judy from Maine.

That is about it for today. We came home and pretty much just rested a bit. I did a load of laundry and we are now getting ready to go “chat and chew” with some great folks. Life is good!!

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