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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Now That's More Like It

The biggest news I have is that the weather is finally starting to return to normal. Yesterday and today have been just beautiful. In fact I believe today might just be the nicest day we have had since arriving in the Gulf Shores area. Plenty of sunshine for the soul. Mike and I have started our walking regimen again. We are only doing about a mile and half right now but our goal is to increase that to three miles a day. We have also started eating a little more healthy. The one thing these SKPs know how to do is eat. If we aren’t eating at the clubhouse or someone’s rig we are eating out at one of the local “favorites“. It is hard to maintain your weight under these extreme conditions. After we finished our walk today we sat outside for the first time this winter and just enjoyed the warm weather. While we were sitting on our patio Darrell and Judy rode up on their bikes. They stopped to visit with us before journeying on back to their place.

Last night we ventured over to Darrell and Judy’s rig for a visit along with a show and tell. Darrell has just completed the installation of a new inverter in his fifth wheel. Mike wanted to take a look at what was installed and how it was wired. Their new inverter allows them to run both televisions, computers, router and some electrical outlets. Along with their generator and now the new inverter they are set for several days of dry camping. Darrell is very pleased with his new setup. I am sure it is far more technical than what I described so check out his website and read about what he did at

We invited Randy and Terry Guiler ( ) over this evening for dinner. As always the food was good but the conversation and fellowship was even better. It’s not about the food. In fact, we had planned to play a little Mexican Train but we preferred to just sit and talk with each other instead. Randy and Terry are a wonderful couple that we are just so blessed that we have gotten to know. This is what is so great about this lifestyle……the wonderful friends you make for life.

Our time here at Rainbow Plantation is coming to a close. Next week will be our last week here and then we will be heading back to Pine Mountain for a few weeks while we complete some doctor appointments. We have had a great time and have met some wonderful people. We plan to spend next winter here and perhaps experience some of that normal winter weather.

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